Our Portfolio

We are proud to partner with a diverse group of non-profit organizations
and civic institutions that enrich the life experiences of Chicago’s children.
Highlights of our portfolio are below.
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A Better Chicago
A Better Chicago   |   www.abetterchicago.org
A Better Chicago is a venture philanthropy fund that provides growth capital and management support to a portfolio of effective nonprofit organizations that are dramatically advancing opportunities for low-income Chicagoans. Founded in 2010, A Better Chicago scales up high-performing organizations dedicated to equipping people with the education, skills and credentials needed to excel in today’s society. All operating expenses are covered by the Board and Leadership Council members, so 100% of every dollar donated is invested back into the Chicago metropolitan community. Major initiatives include Project Impact, an annual social innovation competition for early-stage nonprofits.

KIPP Charter School
KIPP Charter School   |   www.kippchicago.org
KIPP Chicago Schools is a network of high-performing public charter schools offering a college preparatory education to students from Chicago’s most underserved communities. Its mission is to create a network of schools that empower students with the character and academic skills necessary to succeed in top-quality high schools and universities, to be happy in the competitive world, and to have a positive impact on their communities. Over 90% of students who completed 8th grade at KIPP have graduated from high school, and over 80% have matriculated to college. Nationally, KIPP alumni are graduating college at rates that exceed national averages and are approximately four times the rates of their low-income peers.

Academy for Urban School Leadership
Academy for Urban School Leadership   |   www.ausl-chicago.org
The Academy for Urban School Leadership (AUSL) is a nonprofit organization committed to improving student achievement in Chicago's high-poverty, chronically failing schools through its disciplined transformation process, built on a foundation of specially trained teachers.
Marwen   |   www.marwen.org
Marwen educates and inspires under-served young people through the visual arts. Marwen was founded to provide Chicago's youth with stimulating and diverse opportunities to channel their adolescent energy into personally rewarding and developmentally appropriate outlets.  Chicago is a city rich in history, architecture, art, and culture, and it is Marwen’s intent to leverage these resources, providing students with an out-of-school program that provides access to opportunity, while remaining highly relevant to their individual and collective experiences.

Bottom Line
Bottom Line   |   www.bottomline.org
Bottom Line is a nationally recognized educational non-profit focused on helping low-income, first-generation students get into college, graduate from college, and go far in life. The organization currently serves 4,000 underrepresented students across Boston, Chicago, and New York City and has produced more than 1,100 career-ready college graduates. Its program is delivered by trained counselors through one-on-one, long-term advising from application through graduation from college. Last year 98% of its students were accepted to a 4-year college and 84% earned a bachelor’s degree – this rate exceeds the national college graduation for all students and is more than four times the rate for other low-income students. Learn more about their program at www.bottomline.org.

Metrosquash   |   www.metrosquash.org
METROsquash is a 501c3 a holistic after school, weekend, and summer program with the mission to use squash, academics, mentoring, cultural enrichment, and community service to empower Chicago Public School students to reach their full academic, athletic, and personal potential. Founded in 2005 with one class of 10 fifth grade students, METROsquash currently serves over 160 students in 5th grade through freshman year in college from four middle schools, 20 high schools, and 8 four- year colleges. It is the ultimate goal of METROsquash to use the sport of squash as hook to engage students academically, ensuring each student gains access to their best matched high school and is supported in, to, and most importantly, through college/post-secondary education.

Buildon   |   www.buildon.org
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The National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL)
The National Association for Urban Debate Leagues (NAUDL)   |   www.urbandebate.org
The NAUDL serves urban public school systems within the United States and works to facilitate participation in organized debate activities for as many urban students as possible. Urban Debate Leagues currently operate in school systems with approximately 87% people of color and 78% low-income student populations.

Chicago Debate Commission
Chicago Debate Commission   |   www.chicagodebatecommission.org
The Chicago Debate Commission (CDC) partners with Chicago Public Schools to advance the educational outcomes and lifelong success of Chicago students through rigorous academic debate programming. Debate provides students with powerful critical thinking, research, analytical and communications skills; and debate is a proven strategy to improve urban students' grades, graduation rates, and college success. Since 1997, the CDC's award-winning competitive debate program has transformed the lives of over 10,000 Chicago students. The CDC is now extending the benefits of debate to thousands more CPS students by training teachers to use debate in the classroom.

The Noble Street Charter School Network
The Noble Street Charter School Network   |   noblenetwork.org
Noble Network of Charter Schools is a nonprofit charter management organization that was founded in 1999 to provide educational choice to Chicago students in grades 6-12 seeking to build a foundation for college success. PTFF is proud to be the principal philanthropic partner at two Noble Street campuses.

City Year Chicago
City Year Chicago   |   www.cityyear.org
City Year is a nonprofit that trains diverse young leaders to serve as tutors, mentors, and role models to help build the high school graduation pipeline. Last year, City Year Chicago provided more than 212,500 hours of service to 1,500 Chicago Public School students.

Pritzker College Prep
Pritzker College Prep   |   www.pritzkercollegeprep.org
Pritzker College Prep opened as a Noble Network campus in August of 2006 to 150 eager freshmen. The Pritzker model focuses on Scholarship, Discipline and Honor, which creates a culture highly conducive to learning. Pritzker serves nearly 600 students in grades 9-12 and is closing the achievement gap for its 99% minority and 95% low-income student body. Freshmen are growing nearly 3 full points on ACT pre-tests each year. Pritzker boasted the highest average ACT score in the city of Chicago among open-enrollment high schools. The campus celebrated its first ever graduating class this year and 100% of seniors graduated and were accepted into four year colleges; 96% will matriculate to college this fall.

Facing History
Facing History   |   www.facinghistory.org
Facing History and Ourselves delivers classroom strategies, resources and lessons that inspire young people to take responsibility for their world. Internationally recognized for our quality and effectiveness, Facing History harnesses the power of the Internet and partners with school systems, universities and ministries of education worldwide.

Skills for Chicagoland's Future
Skills for Chicagoland's Future   |   www.skillsforchicagolandsfuture.com
Skills for Chicagoland’s Future (SCF) is a public-private partnership committed to returning unemployed Cook County job seekers to the workforce while meeting the hiring needs of employers. SCF’s innovative approach is modeled through accessing and coordinating government funding for train-to-hire programs and directly placing job-ready unemployed candidates into open positions. As a demand-driven intermediary, SCF focuses on the hiring needs of businesses, creating a skilled, flexible and adaptable workforce.
Hansberry College Prep   |   www.hansberrycollegeprep.noblenetwork.org

Teach for America
Teach for America   |   www.teachforamerica.org
each for America's mission is to build the movement to eliminate educational inequity by enlisting our nation's most promising future leaders in the effort. Teach For America - Chicago currently fields a corps of 400 teachers working throughout Chicago’s West Side and South Side neighborhoods and in Northwest Indiana. Collectively, TFA corps members and alumni impact more than 60,000 low-income students throughout Chicago each day.
High Jump   |   www.highjumpchicgao.org
High Jump equalizes access to education for middle school students who have exhibited academic ambition and potential and who are of limited economic means.
We provide academic enrichment, counseling and support to students of diverse backgrounds, with the goals of sending our participants to superior college preparatory schools, ensuring their success while they are there, and enhancing their ability to gain admission to highly regarded four-year colleges and universities.

University of Chicago
University of Chicago   |   www.uchicago.edu
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Johnson College Prep
Johnson College Prep   |   www.johnsoncollegeprep.org
Johnson College Prep will open its doors in August 2010 to 200 freshmen students in the Englewood community. Like all Noble Street campuses, Johnson College Prep will follow a rigorous college-preparatory curriculum. Englewood College Prep will serve 200 students in grade 9 this fall and will work hard to close the achievement gap for its largely minority and low-income student body. Englewood College Prep will offer families of the Englewood community and surrounding neighborhoods a high-quality educational option for high school students and in doing so, will offer its students a chance to succeed in college. It is anticipated that the vast majority of students will be the first in their families to graduate from high school and college.
YWCLS   |   www.ywcls.org
The Young Women's Leadership Charter School of Chicago inspires urban girls to engage in rigorous college preparatory learning in a small school focused on math, science and technology that nurtures their self-confidence and challenges them to achieve.
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Aids Foundation
Aids Foundation   |   www.aidschicago.org
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Chicago Public Radio
Chicago Public Radio   |   www.chicagopublicradio.org
Public radio station offering public broadcasting feeds, local program schedule, events, listener requests and audio archives.

Chicago Parks Foundation
Chicago Parks Foundation   |   www.chicagoparksfoundation.org
Every great city has a philanthropic partner to help support their parks and the Chicago Parks Foundation had made that commitment and will be a diligent and accountable partner for the Chicago Park District. Created specifically to help maintain long-term stability and increase park use for all Chicago community members at all socioeconomic levels, the Chicago Parks Foundation is honored to support the work of the Chicago Park District which is among the largest municipal park managers in the nation. The Chicago Parks Foundation has elected its own Board of Directors to reflect a public/private partnership with an independent voice, striving to be excellent stewards of charitable gifts and promote consistency, responsibility and the personal touch that our donors value and deserve.

Kennedy Center
Kennedy Center   |   www.kennedy-center.org
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Chicago Run
Chicago Run   |   www.chicagorun.org
Chicago Run is a non-profit organization that facilitates running programs for youth in Chicago. Through the fun and discipline of a regular running routine, Chicago Run helps schoolchildren improve health habits, build friendship and achievement, and strengthen their bodies--one enthusiastic step at a time!

Museum of Contemporary Art
Museum of Contemporary Art   |   www.mcachicago.org
One of the nation's largest facilities devoted to the art of our time, the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) offers exhibitions of the most thought-provoking art created since 1945. The MCA documents contemporary visual culture through painting, sculpture, photography, video and film, and performance.

CURE for Epilepsy
CURE for Epilepsy   |   www.cureepilepsy.org
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NPR Foundation
NPR Foundation   |   www.npr.org
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Friends of the Parks
Friends of the Parks   |   www.fotp.org
Friends of the Parks is a 39 year old nonprofit parks advocacy group whose mission is to preserve, protect, improve, and promote the use of Chicago’s parks and preserves. We advance our programmatic, educational, and advocacy work with the support of our members, donors and volunteers, and (through) our governmental, community, and environmental partnerships.

The Renaissance Society
The Renaissance Society   |   www.renaissancesociety.org
Founded in 1915, The Society's mission is to encourage the growth and understanding of contemporary art through exhibitions, publications, and events. The Society presents art seldom seen in the midwest, giving the public opportunities to investigate the most recent developments in contemporary art. At the same time, the museum is equally committed to fostering the development of Chicago's own rich artistic resources.

National Park Foundation
National Park Foundation   |   www.nationalparks.org
The National Park Foundation, in partnership with the National Park Service, enriches America’s national parks and programs through private support, safeguarding our heritage and inspiring generations of national park enthusiasts.

Steppenwolf Theatre
Steppenwolf Theatre   |   www.steppenwolf.org
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Partnership for Healthier America
Partnership for Healthier America   |   www.ahealthieramerica.org
The Partnership for a Healthier America (PHA) is devoted to working with the private sector to ensure the health of our nation’s youth by making the healthy choice the easy choice for busy parents and families. PHA brings together public, private and nonprofit leaders to broker meaningful commitments and develop strategies to end childhood obesity. Most importantly, PHA ensures that commitments made are commitments kept by working with unbiased, third parties to monitor and publicly report on the progress our partners are making to show everyone what can be achieved when we all work together. Visit ahealthieramerica.org for more information.

Presence Health
Presence Health   |   www.presencehealth.org
Presence Saint Joseph Hospital offers a full continuum of care, from primary to specialty care. With 600 physicians in 62 specialties, our physicians are leaders in their fields and provide extraordinary patient care. The healthcare team at Saint Joseph focuses on delivering outstanding patient and family-centered care – the hospital's mission for 144 years.

Sports Legacy Institute
Sports Legacy Institute   |   www.sportslegacy.org
The Sports Legacy Institute (SLI) is a Boston based nonprofit dedicated to “solving the concussion crisis” by advancing the study, treatment, and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes and other at-risk groups. SLI achieves this mission through advocacy, education, policy development, and medical research.

Urban Initiatives
Urban Initiatives   |   www.urbaninitiatives.org
Urban Initiatives is a nonprofit organization that runs health, education, and character development programming for kids in the Chicago Public Schools (CPS). By actively engaging participants in our extracurricular activities at a young age, Urban Initiatives empowers youth to live a healthy lifestyle, value education, and enhance their personal and social development. Urban Initiatives takes a collaborative, whole child approach to development in order to provide children with the opportunity to reach their full potential.
XSTEF   |   www.xstennis.org
XSTEF provides a positive, enriching environment and program for local youth by combining athletic training and academic enrichment. Through its in-school, after school and summer programs, XSTEF currently reaches nearly 3,000 youth across numerous underserved Chicago communities, from Roseland to Garfield Park.

Among XS's high performance and after school tennis program students, 100% of high school seniors have earned access to college and have received full tennis scholarships. With the structure and support of athletic college scholarships, 100% of XS students have persisted in college, and 100% expect to graduate or have already graduated from the college of their choice.