About the Foundation

Our values are reflected in our family foundation and our investments
aim to enrich the life experiences of Chicago’s children. While we
support both proven and new programs, please note, the foundation
accepts proposals by invitation only.
about the foundation

Supporting the development of Chicago’s youth by focusing on education, well-being and the arts.

Our family foundation reflects our values: education, health & fitness, art & culture and commitment to community. Our investments follow those values and we view our giving through a particular lens: enriching the life experiences of Chicago’s children.

Our foundation continually searches for innovation, in all of our core investment areas, which will make a profound difference in children's lives. We want to support programs with strong evidence of success and test new programs, which we will learn from and make adjustments as we go.

Our interest in education runs deep. We believe a quality public education is the foundation of our democracy. We have committed much of our civic lives to innovative education efforts - from principal leadership development to training high quality teachers to expanding successful charter school models.

Fitness is central to our family life. ChicagoRun sprouted from our desire to confront the childhood obesity epidemic and get Chicago’s children moving. Through ChicagoRun, over 10,000 young people now run as part of their daily activity. We continue to place a high priority on well-being and look for strategies and programs that will encourage children to become more health conscious and physically active.

Finally, our family is enthusiastic about contemporary art and culture. We believe that art and culture enhances the understanding and enjoyment of life and our foundation seeks ways to bring this joy to others.

We hope that focusing on education, health & fitness, and art & culture for Chicago's young people will pay enormous dividends in the years ahead. We look forward to the journey.